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Majestic Auto Repair strives to exceed the service expectations of the average customer. As such, finding a shop that happily offers customer-friendly policies is a great way to minimize the chances for reduced customer service or unsavory business practices. For example, most reliable shops these days offer free vehicle inspections that result in a comprehensive price estimate. 

Majestic Auto Repair estimates allows customers to review pricing structures and compare potential costs against rival companies. If an auto shop offers competitive pricing and is confident about their repair skills, then a free price estimate should only serve them favorably in the eyes of potential customers.

Auto repair is an industry based on trust. Trust is built on knowing the people doing the work. We only conduct maintenance or repair work in designated areas with spill containment.

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WASHINGTON, D.C., May 7, 2015 – ASA’s mechanical leaders met with their members of Congress and staff to discuss the importance of periodic motor vehicle safety inspections during the recent Capitol Hill Fly-in.



Vehicle Owners

Tune up your "Car Care Knowledge", by browsing our long list of educational, multi-media content. Get a free maintenance schedule, ask a technician your question, and learn how to "Be Car Care Aware"



Auto technicians say the key to keeping vehicles running well-today and down the road-is routine maintenance. Yet many drivers tend to stall when it comes to keeping up with some everyday auto-basics

Tire & Wheel

Chrome and Platinum Rims: Both chrome and platinum wheels add shine and luster to any vehicle. This type of rim is classified as a performance rim and takes a bit more work to maintain than a steel rim would.


We perform all vehicle fluid removal or changing inside or under cover, if possible, to prevent the run-on of storm water and the runoff of spills. 

TIP: What Types of Rims Look Good on Big Cars

4x4 off Road Rims: If you are planning to go off road then the truck rims you choose should reflect that. Some rims are just not built to withstand the beating a good romp through the woods and mud can dish out. 4x4 off road truck rims are classed as functional rims and often have a rough and ready look to them. If you want your truck to look big and tough and ready for anything, this type of truck rim is for you. 4x4 rims are usually made from steel or aluminum alloy. More urban vehicles, like an SUV that never leaves the pavement, has a much wider choice of rims then the off roaders do. That is not to say you cannot get great looking rims to go off road just that you have more choices if you do not.


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